A couple of paragraphs on how to become the ambassador of Chanel and Muse of Karl
Lagerfeld …
Every time, when Facebook asks me: what am I thinking of? Okay, today, for example, I think
about who you need to be that Karl Lagerfeld would sew you for himself? Perhaps it is necessary
to be a “special” girl, like famous models, Hollywood stars, mega popular fashion bloggers and,
of course, princesses! But! Not only princesses, my friends, not only …
The story of an Austrian girl named Caroline Sieber seems to be incredible and amazing! Judge
for yourself – a simple girl from Vienna, who once went to study in London, suddenly becomes
the Muse of Maestro Lagerfeld! Of course, we shall admit that Caroline has a very delicate taste
and long slender legs, and she is a personal stylist of many celebrities. Sieber is the only girl (not
a model and not an actress !!!), which Chanel wears from head to toe, for advertising purposes,
of course.
In the summer 2013, thanks to Caroline Sieber Vienna became the capital of fashion in Europe
for several days. Can you guess what this is about? Yeah, the fashionista-Austrian girl got
married. A fantastic wedding dress was sewed personally by Karl Lagerfeld, and Western media
branded this event "the most fashionable wedding of the year".
For me Austria is one of the best places for a wedding celebration. There is so much beauty and
chic, it is a real Mecca for grandiose and grand events. Even Karl Lagerfeld, inspired by the
Austrian Empress Sissi, presented the whole collection in Salzburg. The bride's dress on the
podium was presented by the British model and actressCaraDelevingne. However, my friends,
this is though very interesting, but the topic of another publication …