About dresses, I can talk so looooong and so muuuuch. About the wedding dresses even more and not only because the search and selection of these dresses is part of my work, which I adore. In the end, the desire for beauty (wedding dresses created by famous couturiers cannot be called otherwise) – seems to me natural! Today in my focus are two stunning brands: Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang. I did not hear applause! Oops, got carried away. These dresses are very different from those brands like Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab that I have already mentioned earlier. Someone may even seem “rustic”. However, in the world of high fashion, their laws and their language, such outfits are called "very modern and “clean”. Very modern and clean. How accurately noticed! They are more practical, like everything else in America, and this is in many respects an advantage. Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wong do not sew couturier lines. Nevertheless, this is not a reason to be upset, and even more, to consider these brands less valuable. It is just “another”, it is a matter of taste, my friends. And, of course, this is the New Generation of Designers. Not convinced? Okay, I will give you another powerful argument – dresses from Vera Wong are very popular
among the bohemian audience. For the dessert, I will sweeten the post with the following information (which will be interesting
and relevant, first of all, for the brides). Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wong often arrange a “Bridal trunk show”. Guess what is this about? This presentation of collections for future brides and a great opportunity to see the dress of your dreams personally “feel” it and make an order. Such shows are held wherever these brands are represented, and their schedule can be found on
the corresponding sites. And finally, if flying across the ocean for a wedding dress seems to be too “expensive” pleasure, just remember – the nearest boutiques Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wong are in London (by the way, there is none in Paris), and Foggy Albion, after all, closer …