Do not offer me a dress without a name! … or girls – such girls walking in Vienna, where beauty and chic are waiting for you at every step, every time I literally
stop at the window of one of the most beautiful boutiques of the Austrian capital, and I am numb
from what I saw. "Valentino" … and that's it!
Already half a century this Fashion House excites the hearts of admirers and adepts of high style
around the world, so what can we say about future brides who dream to cloth themselves in these
amazing wedding dresses? Pipe, babe, and remember – "Valentino" – this dresses are
masterpieces and only Haut Couture. No wonder, because in these exquisite outfits got married
such famous persons as actress Sophia Loren and Crown Princess of Greece Marie Chantal.
But, my dear girls, in order to walk up the aisle in a dress from "Valentino" does not necessarily
to have “blue blood”, however, it is not necessarily to shine in blue screens. To order "couture"
dress you shall be ready not only financially, but, above all, morally (especially if you did not
have this experience before).
How does this happen?
Let's move to Paris …
Atelier cordially opens its doors before you, listen attentively to your wishes, and here begins
acquaintance with the sketches. They are not designed specifically for you, no! And not because
someone is lazy, the reason for this is different – from you will just feel dizzy the amount of
sketches. Everything possible and impossible is already invented, it is enough just to decide on
the dress of your dreams.
Then you will make the measurements, offer an amazing selection of fabrics and lace, and the
magic will begin , which is called "the process of creating a wedding dress from Valentino."
Ideally, after a few months you will get what you dreamed of and flee from the atelier like a
butterfly. But the capricious brides will have to be nervous, because it is impossible to be sure of
WHAT EXACTLY! you will get in the end. What if you do not like it? And we – we know
something with you happened before: you liked the thing, bought it, came home, wore it and
something wrong … Maybe some of us girls are much easier to try on a ready-made dress and at
least understand, that it suits to us. In the end, not every day we buy wedding dresses.
But we will continue … It's impossible to stop the sewing process. To make some changes on the
course of the action is real, but to refuse the order without losing the full cost of the dress – alas.
In general, all this is clearly not for capricious girls who like to change their decision 100 times a
And finally about the most piquant! Prices for Haut Couture dresses start from 60,000 euros and
above, yes, high fashion is a high flight. But be sure, you pay for the individuality and solely
manual work (seams, embroidery – in no way made by sewing machines!).
P.S we often hear the phrase "… this fashion designer sews posh couture dresses …", but, let's not
confuse the sinner with the righteous! This Haut Couture is only those brands that are exhibited
in Paris and are members of the Association. Do you want to know whose names are on this list?
I will open this veil: