Girls and dresses…No matter how sexual revolution has changed all of us, all these victories in the sphere of gender equality and the possibility of self-realization, and no matter how natural we look in trousers of rough cut, we all were and remain girls. And girls like dresses! This natural instinct is multiplies many times when we become brides. This is the time when the desire to be most compelling and original literally outshines the mind. However, originality has its price. What wedding dress do you want? From Paris, London, or maybe from Kiev? What about Ellie Saab and Zuhair Murad? They are in the TOP and they are beautiful!
Do not be surprised at this "neighborhood", because these two brands are somewhat similar. Judge for yourselves: both eminent couturiers came from Lebanon, one can be trace in their models national color (embroidery make these dresses dreamily – fabulous). In addition, both designers produce both wedding collections "Ready to wear" (literally – “ready to wear”) and “Couture”. Are you out of breath? I bet you would! To breathe calm looking at such beauty is an art! Where can you see, feel, try on these dresses? In Paris, these brands are represented in the same name wedding salons. But, girls, attention! Get into these holy saints is not so easy! If you want to try fitting, I recommend to arrange a rendez-vous in advance, as salons often practice closed shows for wholesale buyers (they can last several days) and in that case you will just “kiss the door” without touching to the dress of your dreams. Girls, but if you really need it at the specific date, you can always choose the dress in the Internet and order the delivery of the model you like to the hotel where you stay, or any other store of this brand. Here can be nuances, the dress on the screen of the monitor and in the real life can differ (again, in such popular b / w photoshoots, it is difficult to understand the true color and shade of the dress), so keep it in mind. But let’s think perfectly, so, you are on fitting in the salon, the dress from the collection “Ready to wear” suits you, what is waiting for you next? And here all the fun begins. You will be accepted as a queen, treated with a glass of champagne (we are in France!), your measurements will be taken and the process of creating your dream dress will begin. The next visit to the capital of fashion will be crowned with a final fit, which may take 3-4 days. And voila! But I must warn you, if you want to make even minor "edits" to the dress created by your standards … then, excuse me, STOP – DO NOT! Speaking precisely, you can, but be ready that in this case you will automatically remove from the category of the dress “Ready to wear” to “Couture”, which is a completely different story, and, of course, other prices. In the collections of Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad, as a rule, there are up to three dozen models and it is important to remember that if your taste is very exact (for example, you want a white fluffy dress with a long sleeve), you will have to choose, in fact, among three dresses . Like this)
Lovely girls, if the thirst for beauty and uniqueness is stronger than all "buts", I recommend you
to order the dress of your dreams at least 3 months before the wedding, this is ideal. Otherwise,
you risk paying up to 50% of the price for urgency. Well, and at last. No matter how fascinating this adventure seems to be at first sight, the process of finding, selecting, fitting, sewing, fitting the dress from famous fashion designers is a rather tedious process. Therefore, I recommend sharing it with a person close to you – mother – the main adorer and critic in the life of every girl. And tickets for the Paris Fashion Week will add colors and

impressions to your trip. Firstly, the show itself is comparable to a rock concert, and secondly, you agree, to walk along the same streets with celebrities from all over the world – that is a buzz, even without mentioning the fact that at this time it is quite possible to spot Rihanna at a nearby table in the cafe Avenue.